All Little Guy Sport products are manufactured within Riverside, California. Our objective to have our products made in the USA was intentional, as we believe in supporting the workforce in America. In addition, enabling us the opportunity to be intimately involved in every step of our engineering/production journey to ensure our products were constructed and executed to the highest and safest quality. Our products are designed and engineered to utilize the utmost safe materials to ensure your baby's safety yet also ensure a pacifier and strap that will successfully sooth your baby while providing the additional cleanliness precautions. Adhering to the American Academy of Pediatric guidelines for pacifier durability, the FDA medical grade silicone nipple is thermally bonded and hermetically sealed to our mouthguard pacifier. Uniquely, our pacifier is designed to completely prevent any moisture from penetrating into the nipple that could compromise your baby's health.  The orthodontic classic nipple design and FDA approved silicone ensures comfort and natural fit for your baby’s palate. In addition, the strap is made up of FDA Approved Elvax EVA Copolymer Resin to allow for flexibility, durability and additional safety measures. Our product is BPA-Free, Latex-Free and Phthalate-Free and conforms to all safety requirements of the ATSM F 9063 and 16 CFR.

Now you can adorn your child with a COOL pacifier to complete their ultimate stylish, sports fan look and feel at ease knowing the safety and construction behind it!