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In today’s world we try to dress our kids in a way as to almost get a glimpse of what they will look like in the future. We love to dress them up and put accessories on them that we would wear, making them look like little adults. We have now provided the ultimate pacifier and strap accessory for your baby to ensure they look cool and stylish no matter what style they are wearing. Now you can accessorize your child with the Little Guy Sport baby Mouthguard Pacifier and Mouthguard Strap to ensure a cool/stylish overall look while providing the ultimate sport fan loyalty! Now introducing our licensed USC Trojans baby product line. We have introduced an exciting novelty product to the pacifier industry through the use of the Little Guy Sport ‘throwback football’ Mouthguard Pacifier/Strap. Many will see and all will know, Little Guy Sport…It’s Not a BINKY, It's COOLer!