About us

About Us:

Kevin Granillo and wife, Jaclyn co-founded Little Guy LLC and invented Little Guy Sport Mouthguard Pacifier and Strap with the intention of bringing a unique and exciting novelty product, that is made in the USA, to the pacifier industry. Jaclyn's parents, Shawn Nelson and Stephanie Nelson later jumped aboard as members and co-managers of Little Guy LLC due to their love, passion and partnership in the Little Guy Sport mission and product.

“As business partners and family members we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity while staying true to our mission to provide a fun, safe accessory for sport fans' babies everywhere.” Little Guy LLC


Little Guy Sport became a dream after Kevin and Jaclyn’s son, Skyler Jacob came into this world in the summer of 2011. The idea of a pacifier and strap/clip that could embody the authentic look of a throwback football mouthguard and attach to their son’s clothing became a reality through many days, months, and years of planning, researching, and dedication. The Little Guy Sport mouthguard pacifier and strap was ready to enter the consumer world in July 2017 as a novelty pacifier that not only safely soothed babies, but made babies all over the world look unique and cool all while supporting their favorite football team. Kevin and Jaclyn’s dream has always been to be entrepreneurs and own their own business. Along with Stephanie, both have worked extremely hard in the private sector for a large corporation and decided together that it was time to chase their dream and choose their own destiny… a decision they've never regretted. While Shawn worked in the public sector for 14 years, executing a high stressed managerial position for the majority of his career. Together, the 4 business partners strive to bring a pacifier and strap product that is engineered and constructed of the utmost safe materials for your baby yet also allows you as a parent to accessorize your son and/or daughter with the COOLest most stylish touch.

Little Guy Sport is dedicated to give a portion of all proceeds to fund the mission of Jacob’s House, their family created non-profit organization dedicated to housing families who have a loved one hospitalized in a critical medical crisis. To learn more about Jacob’s House, please access the link ‘WE SUPPORT’.


Baby Photography by Alexes Eide, Alexes Lauren Photography

LLC Member Photography by Bryant Nelson


About Our Logo:

The Logo for ‘Little Guy Sport’ is near and dear to the hearts of Little Guy LLC as it was designed by Jaclyn’s brother, Jacob Nelson. Jacob Nelson went home to be with the Lord at the young age of 24 in late 2006. The Little Guy Sport logo is Jacob’s self created character he utilized in a book he authored and illustrated. Please visit the website where you can purchase Jacob’s book, “And Then There was Jake” as well as see where the inspiration of the Little Guy Sport logo came from.


All proceeds from Jacob’s book will go toward their family non-profit organization, Jacob’s House. See more by selecting the link “WE SUPPORT”.